About Us

Recent Happenings:

  • At the 2016 KMJA conference  in Wichita, annual elections were held for the following offices with the following results:  President-Katie McElhinney (Lenexa); President Elect (VP)-Amie L. Bauer (Mound Ridge); Secretary-Brad Jantz (Newton); Treasurer-Brenda Stoss (Salina); SC Director Randy Pankratz (Berns/Florence/Halstead/Hesston/Marion) and NE Director-Karen Torline (Roeland Park/Edgerton).

Upcoming Events:

  • Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the 2017 Kansas Municipal Judges Association annual conference on April 24th and 25th in Topeka.  The conference will be located at the Capitol Plaza Hotel.

Useful Information:

  • PLEASE NOTE – KMJA dues are payable annually to:

                Brenda Stoss
                c/o Salina Municipal Court
                255 North 10th Street
                P. O. Box 1154
                Salina, KS  67402-1154

  • Need an interpreter?  AT&T Language Line number: 1-800-203-8600 or click on the following link for more information: We Speak Your Language

  • Kansas Municipal Court Judge Manual link: Kansas Judicial Council Publications   (Please contact Denise Kilwein, Office of Judicial Administration for access information.)

  • The Kansas Supreme Court is video streaming oral arguments to the Internet, in part, for persons interested in the Court, but also as a learning aid for teachers who teach about the courts and the law.  The videos can be accessed via the Judicial Branch website at Kansas Supreme Court by clicking “View Oral Arguments” under the Featured Links heading.

Who We Are

The Kansas Municipal Judges Association is an organization open to all municipal court judges in the state of Kansas. The KMJA sponsors a conference each spring to provide members with information about new statutes and regulations pertinent to the judiciary and to provide judicial education on a wide variety of topics.

A Brief History of the KMJA

In 1961, the Traffic and Municipal Judges Association was formed in affiliation with the League of Kansas Municipalities. The name was changed in 1972 to the Kansas Municipal Judges Association. In 1989, the KMJA pushed for the adoption of K.S.A. 12-4114 which provides that all non-lawyer municipal judges in Kansas must be certified by the Kansas Supreme Court to hold office. A judge has 18 months from taking office to pass an examination given by the Supreme Court. In addition, non-lawyer judges must attend 10 hours of continuing legal education which is provided by the Supreme Court each calendar yearpart. The KMJA and the Supreme Court partner together each year to sponsor an annual conference during which judges can receive the 10 hours of continuing judicial education credit at no cost to them or to their cities. Likewise, lawyer judges are able to receive their 12 required hours of continuing legal education credit, including two hours of ethics.

KMJA Objectives

  • To encourage the adoption of uniform practices and procedures in the Municipal Courts of the State of Kansas.
  • To maintain the highest possible judicial standards in said courts.
  • To assist legislative bodies of Municipal and State governments by making available to them information obtained from the experiences and studies of the members of this Association.
  • To keep its membership informed on all subject matter of importance to traffic courts and municipal courts, including substantive and procedural law pertaining to said courts.

Past KMJA Presidents

1962-63 Clyde A. Raleigh, Hutchinson
1963-64 James H. Taggart, Wellington
1964-65 James H. Taggart, Wellington
1965-66 William Cunningham, Arkansas City
1966-67 William Cunningham, Arkansas City
1967-68 William Cunningham, Arkansas City
1968-69 Charles E. Hellmin, El Dorado
1969-70 A.L. Talbert, Neodesha
1970-71 Joseph A. Levin, Lindsborg
1971-72 Richard E. Ashley, Chanute
1972-73 Tom Post, Topeka
1973-74 Joe Cole, Junction City
1974-75 Joe Cole/Robert Jones, Overland Park
1975-76 Robert Jones, Overland Park
1976-77 George Catt, Lawrence
1977-78 Joe Cox, Tonganoxie
1978-79 Cal Purdin, Augusta
1979-80 Tim Turner, Prairie Village
1980-81 Cordell Meek /Richard Shaw, Kansas City/Coffeyville
1981-82 Grover L. Bryan, Liberal
1982-83 E. Edgar Johnson, Junction City
1983-84 Robert A. Thiessen, Wichita
1984-85 George Groneman, Kansas City
1985-86 Jay Scott Emler, Lindsborg
1986-87 Jay Scott Emler, Lindsborg
1987-88 Virginia Schroeder, Jetmore
1988-89 James Wells, Topeka
1989-90 Jim Wilson, Mulvane
1990-91 Pat Caffey, Manhattan
1991-92 William Coombs, Chanute
1992-93 Larry Hollis, Eastborough
1993-94 Rick Ress, Colby
1994-95 Tom Buffington, Marquette
1995-96 Hal Flaigle, Wichita
1996-97 Karen Arnold-Burger, Overland Park
1997-98 Lee Parker, Andale
1998-99 Robert Serra, Kansas City
1999-00 Kay Ross, Plainville
2000-01 Connie Sams, Wellsville
2001-02 Vicki Wacker, Kanapolis
2002-03 Maurice Ryan, Kansas City
2003-04 Jim Wilson, Benton
2004-05 Jill Michaux,Rossville
2005-06 Phil Durr, Sterling
2006-07 Randy McGrath,Lawrence
2007-08 Ken Lamoreaux, Waterville
2008-09 John McLoughlin, Cimmaron
2009-10 Brenda Stoss, Salina
2010-11 Steve Ebberts, Topeka
2011-12 James Campbell, Ottawa
2012-13 Greg Keith, Haysville
2013-14 William Kehr, Wichita
2014-15 Robin Lewis, Gardner
2015-16 Fred W. Johnson, Oswego